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We hold our socials and events on Thursday's 6pm-8pm. These can range to anything from in-person events such as Korean BBQ, Bubble Tea socials, and club nights, to online events like Game Nights, Movie Nights, and quizzes.

With the current situation of the world, we're trying our best to keep our community interactive and fun!

Dance Classes

Our K-Pop dance classes our held weekly on Sunday's 6pm-8pm. We use Stage 2 within the Northumbria Students' Union as our studio.

Currently, only university students are allowed on campus and everyone who does come must book their place beforehand. This is so we can keep track of capacity and also for Track and Trace.

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Previous classes & performances

Kill This Love Flashmob


K-Pop flashmob in Newcastle city centre. This was a great project where we had multiple groups take part. Here is one groups fantastic performance.

Anpanman Dance Class Cover


We always film a short cover after our weekly K-Pop dance classes. Here is an example with Anpanman by BTS. You can see Grace, one of our dance teachers, at the front!

Rumour PErformance


We work closely with other societies at the SU, so when the Music society asked us to take part in our variety show we just knew we had to join in the fun!

Sunnycon dance workshop


We also teach at conventions! We have worked at SunnyCon, Newcastle Comic Con, and Gateshead Comic Con to name a few. It's a really great way to get a taster of what we do. This video goes into a more behind the scenes look at how we operate our classes.