Society Updates

24th November 2020 \\ Society News

by miyu meddes

I hope everyone is doing well so far during lockdown 2.0. We know these are challenging times, so we're trying our best to give you all something to do which is engaging and allows you to keep connecting with eachother, so to do this we've made a couple of changes!

Point System:

Our first big change is our new sparkly point system! Everyone has been grouped into teams of 5, where you will compete to win prizes for your team by earning points. How can you earn points? The easiest way is to attend socials; you'll earn one point for each event you attend - so if everyone in your team shows up that's five points right there! But there are loads of other ways which include:

  • Winning games at Game Night socials will score you an impressive three points.
  • Commenting on our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) can earn you points too - one point for each comment and two for sharing (we must be able to identify that it's you!)
  • Posting independent dance covers you've learned from our lessons (and tagging us) or sharing art of our sweet mascot, Holangi, gets you 5 points.
  • Finally, posting pictures of you with our merchandise is an outstanding ten points!

However, be careful because there are ways to lose points as well. If you sign up for an event and later realise you can't attend, you must cancel within 24 hours or you will lose one point from your team. This is because you're taking up a space that could have went to someone else, as we have limited capacity during COVID.

Prizes will be chosen by the winning team by spinning a prize wheel which will have a whole bunch of options for great prizes! An example of some prizes include vouchers for the cat cafe, NSU K-Pop hoodies, photocards of an idol of your choice, bubble tea kit, and more!

Sounds exciting right? Make sure to be friendly and involved within the society to be in for a chance at winning. The winners will be announced at the end of each semester, which is the end of December for semester one, however you'll have a lot longer in the future to build up your points, so don't worry! We'll announce the teams soon.


As only members can be apart of the point system and win great prizes, we thought we'd remind everyone that if you have any friends who haven't yet signed up, now's the time to encourage them to do so! Send them here and let them know being a member gives you many perks, such as priority in any dance performances we particpate in, discounts at local businesses, and free or reduced socials.

As of November 2nd, anyone who does not have a membership must pay £5 per in-person dance class. Additionally, they will not receive benefits, such as free drinks at our Bubble Tea socials, or be eligible to receive prizes. 


We have realised that less people have been attending our online socials, so we have decided to be more interative on our social media. We will be posting regular updates about all things Korean; from K-Pop news and Korean recipes to art challenges and Korean culture posts! We want to make lockdown interesting for everyone so hopefully you'll learn something new. Be sure to follow us everywhere @nsukpop.

We will also be holding a game night in our Discord on Wednesday 25th November @ 6pm. There will be a poll for which games we'll be playing in our Facebook group soon, so keep an eye out and cast your vote!

Dance class have moved online for the time being too - you can get your weekly fix by subscribing to our YouTube channel. Videos will be posted the same time as classes are usually held: Sunday's @ 6pm.


As we're nearing the end of the semester we'd love to hear how you think we've done so far. Constructive criticism is welcome, as your feedback helps us improve (although praise is also welcome!) The committee have worked really hard so far, especially with the current circumstances surrounding COVID, but we know we're not perfect and there's definitely room for improvement.

Let us know your thoughts here. As thanks for submitting feedback, members will recieve a £5 giftcard to Deliveroo, as long as they show proof of completion. You can email this to us or send it via social media!